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 B & E ENTERPRISES was founded by two hard working patriotic Americans working along side U.S. and Coalition Forces in Iraq. Their goal was to produce a product, to unite all people who support our soldiers and their valiant efforts. The unique history of these one of a kind bracelets originated in the deserts of Iraq as a gift of appreciation from an Iraqi teenager. Similar bracelets are generally made and sold by the Iraqi people to soldiers of the United States Armed Forces and its’ affiliates (D.O.D. Civilians, Contractors, and State Department Employees serving the U.S. Armed Forces etc.) as a way for the poverty-stricken people to make money. Construction of the bracelets consists of similar materials that are very much a part of our military. The NF Bracelets we offer you are woven from military styled parachute cord and clasped together using a military styled BDU (battle dress uniform) button, much like that of the gift given to one of the co-founders of this company. The NF bracelet (Never Forgotten) symbolizes those fallen heroes who have given the ultimate sacrifice for this nation and our liberties. In doing so, a portion of it's proceeds from all sales will go in support of the families of U.S. soldiers and D.O.D. civilians who have lost their lives. With your help, we can unite all people who stand behind our brave men and women and show our support by wearing a NF Bracelet.

 B & E ENTERPRISES will donate a portion of sales proceeds to the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors [“TAPS”], which is a well-respected, non-profit organization serving military survivor families since 1994. This organization specializes in providing emotional support, care, and services to families who have lost loved ones serving the U.S. Armed Forces. For additional information about TAPS’ programs and services, please visit TAPS’ website www.taps.org.

Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors
Mission Statement:
On behalf of B&E Enterprises, we present to you, this NF Bracelet as a symbol of recognition and acknowledgement of our fallen heroes, and those that press on daily, to bring each and every one of us, the freedom and liberties, we seem to take for granted everyday. With this Never Forgotten Bracelet you can make a bold statement to show your appreciation for their valiant efforts and successes. In doing so, a portion of the proceeds will be contributed in support of our troops, and their families.
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